LD-301 Base Station Electronic Eject System for UAV

Production Introduction:

LD-301 Electronic Eject System provides low altitude protection by simulating deceptive satellite signals based on the high precision time synchronization system. LD-301 will form a “No-fly” safety zone. When the UAV reaches the edge of the safety zone, it interferes and blocks the “black flight” UAV remote control link by transmitting UAV interference signals and high simulating deceptive navigation signals. The navigation system of “black flight” UAV will be taken over and hence the UAV cannot enter the safety zone.

Product Characteristics:

 Achieve reginal 24-hour all-weather protection;

 Able to take over the navigation system of “black flight” UAV; 

 Low signal radiation, the coverage area can be arranged;

 Able to be integrated with the existing security system;

 Low power, pollution-free, low harm to people and animals

Technical Indicator

Operating frequency band: GPS/BDS civil navigation frequency band

Signal type: GPS/BDS civil navigation signals 900±30MHz, 1.2±0.01GHz, 2.4±0.01GHz

Power: less than 0.1W (adjustable)

Operating distance: more than 2000 meters(high ejecting rate within 500 meters)

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