LD-303/302 Portable Electronic Suppress Equipment

Product Introduction:

LD-303/302 Portable electronic suppress equipment can control or capture specific “black flight” UAV. LD303/302 transmits interference signals via directional antenna and hence drives away or force UAV landing.

The number of LD-303/302 can be flexibly configured according to the regional environment and secure area, which effectively improves the security in man-guard security area.

Product Characteristics:

Light, portable, and easy to operate;

Sensitive control and fast response;

Directional controllable Signal radiation range;

Technical Indicator

Operating frequency band: 800MHz/900MHz, 1.5GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz; Signal type: GPS/BDS civil navigation signal,remote control and image transmission signal;

Power: less than 20W;

Control range of signal power: 40dB;

Effective range: 10m~1.5km;

Signal start time: less than 0.2s;

Continuous operating time: 5 hours;

Weight: 3800g;

Dimension: 765mm×130mm×245mm

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