JALD-18 Portable SDR Frequency Interference System

Scope of Application: 

Regional Electronic Shielding

Product Characteristics:

Design based on SDR (software defined radio). According to target signal technical characteristics (signal system, modulation mode, parameters), JALD-18 operate the best interference method;

General communication frequency window function;

n System consist of general modulation signal generation unit, broadband high-efficiency power amplifier, high-gain broadband antenna. Unique 5 RF broadband section, save space, reduce power consumption.

Software upgrade. No need to replace hardware, which provide technical support for 5G communication electronic shielding.

n Industrial integrated design, exclusive metal appearance, compact structure. Standing wave/overexcitation and other multiple protection methods design.

n External Lithium battery case (imported plate).

AC/DC power supply after rectification through the batter case. Ammeter and voltmeter assembled for operator to monitor real-time working status.

n One-button operation (optional: external wire control).

Vector fault indicator for quick identification of faulty module information.

Technical Indicator

Interference targets: 20MHz~6000MHz industrial and civil remote-control device, civil intercom, digital cluster/TETRA user, RV RFID, mobile 2G, 3G, 4G channels, navigation, satellite phone, WLAN: Wi-Fi etc.

Number of RF channels operating simultaneously: 5 channels

Complete machine RF saturation power: 250W (single RF channel power: 50W)

Power Consumption: MAX 800W

Input current: 15Amps & 220VAC

Battery box: DC48V & 40AH

Continuous operation time: more than 1.5 hours

Operating environment temperature: -30℃ ~ +60℃

Weight (antenna included):  ≤20kg

Interference distance: under the circumstance of visible environment and target receiving signal level at -70dBm:  ≥60 meters

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