LD-908 Radio Monitoring and Direction-finding System

Product Introduction:

LD-908 radio monitoring and direction-finding system provide passive monitoring targeting civil UAV remote control and image transmission radio signals.

LD-908 has the radio electromagnetic spectrum real-time monitoring and analysis function, and radio signal direction-finding ability. Hence achieve monitoring and evaluation of electromagnetic environment, detection of interference sources, multi-station and multi-task network coordination.

Product Characteristics:

n Combine wide and narrow bands to adapt to the signal motoring in different applications 

n Advanced digital signal processing technology, achieve high-speed spectrum scanning;

n Use five-channel correlation interferometer and spatial spectrum estimation direction-finding system to provide signal direction-finding in both wide/narrow band fixed and hopping frequency modes.

n Capable of signal separating direction-finding at the same frequency.

n Capable of multi-task parallel processing, achieve simultaneous monitoring and direction-finding. 

Technical Indicator

Frequency Range: 800MHz ~ 6000 MHz;

Monitoring sensitivity (standard site, typical value):  ≤10μV/m;

Direction-finding sensitivity (standard site, typical value): ≤15μV/m;

Direction-finding accuracy (standard site, typical value): ≤1°(rms);

Multi-signal separation and direction finding at same frequency:3 signals;

Modulation method: FM, AM, CW, USB, LSB;

Recognizable signal modulation pattern: CW, AM, FM, 2FSK, 4FSK, BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, ASK, 16QAM.

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